Yoga Nidra for Healing

I have been to the homeopath again yesterday to get my Heavy Metal results, and it seems that I have loads of mercury, lead and nickel in my body. Without discussion or explanation I was immediately started on DMPS Chelation Therapy. When asked how many treatments it will take to remove these metals from my body, I was told that the average is 20 to 30 treatments. I nearly had a heart attack, as a single session is very pricy, and multiplying it with 30 will leave me bankrupt! Yes, I know that without health one simply has no life, but there are also different means of achieving health. Once home, I immediately turned on my computer and started reading up on heavy metal poisoning, as well as Chelation Therapy. It is said that knowledge is power, and I totally subscribe to that viewpoint, but it can also be very confusing, as every single person seems to have a different point of view. So what am I to do? I know that I have to do what will be best for me. But what on earth is that? Like any other important decision I ever had to make, this one was not going to be straightforward or without some mental agony it seems.

I am not mindlessly subscribing to everything that is natural, as ‘natural’ can also be poisonous and harmful, and I do know that chemical substances can in certain cases be beneficial and healing. The dilemma is to know when to choose what. Thinking about pushing chemicals into my body 30 times over the next couple of months without guaranteed success, just didn’t make me feel comfortable. That little niggly inner voice was screaming “NO!”. In my wanderings through piles of information on the Internet, I found a natural chelator called ‘humifulvate’ that does the same thing……drawing out and binding to heavy metals, so that the body can get rid of it. I eventually found a company who has a product containing humifulvate and promptly ordered a two month supply. Cost? The equivalent of one chemical treatment… How effective will it be? Well, only time will tell.

I do not believe that anything happens by chance, and as I easily get side-tracked when I am on the Internet, I somehow started reading a little snippet about Yoga Nidra. And it just clicked: of course. Why did I not think of this before? Yoga is such a life-affirming practice, and there is always something specific I can use for whatever I need most at any particular point in time. It was the following words of Bhava Ram that caught my attention: “True relaxation, which is the foundation of all healing, must include deep mental and emotional quietude as well as physical stillness. No matter what we do in terms of exercise or diet, no matter what type of thoughts we try to cultivate, without complete relaxation we continue to promote and accumulate tension.”

Yoga Nidra is called the “sleep of the yogis”, and is simply that state of hovering on the edge between deep sleep and wakefulness. It is here where we can build a bridge between our conscious and subconscious minds, and work on our chakras. Yoga Nidra is similar to a guided meditation, but with specific words, images and sensations to help us shift to healing and inner peace. It also requires us to choose a Sankalpa (affirmation or intention) to work with that is worded as a short, clear and precise statement. Like all affirmations it should be expressed as if it is already true. In other words, we should use the words: “I am…..” or “I have….” I did a quick mind map to become clear on what I want from my practice, and came up with the following sankalpa: “I have an energetic and vibrantly healthy body”.

I have now committed myself for the next two months to a daily dose of the natural chelator and a session of Yoga Nidra just before bedtime. I will certainly report back on the journey, as it is through this journey that I will grow and evolve into the person I am meant to be…


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