What colour is God?

Thomas Ashley-Farrand, in his wonderful book Chakra Mantras, re-tell a classical story from India in which a big group of people went to live in a large house with many bedrooms. They again divided into different groups, so that smaller groups of people gathered in the different bedrooms in which they found different coloured light bulbs on satin cushions that, once screwed in, provided them with light. In the first bedroom, where the group found a blue light bulb, once they screwed it in, were joyous to find that the room was bathed in a beautiful blue light. They simply knew that God is blue! In the next room the group found a green light bulb, and going through a similar ritual, realised that God must be green. And so it carried on in the different bedrooms where the groups all found different coloured light bulbs. A while later the different groups met up in the hall and started arguing with one another whether God was green, blue, red, yellow or purple. Each group insisted that they were right and that the way they prayed to God was the only way. What they didn’t realise though, was that God was not the light bulb itself, but the electrical current that gave each light bulb, no matter its colour, its power.

I absolutely love this story, as it is so true of how the many different religions we find on earth tend to function. Each group often insists that their belief system and interpretation of God is the only truth. The more extreme a group, the less tolerant they are of differences, and the more violence is perpetuated through time, against so-called ‘non-believers’. So as we keep focusing on the differences, we forget about the eternal truths that reside within all these religions and are inherently the same.  True faith and spirituality should connect us all, not divide us.

In yoga we simply believe that God is the essence of our eternal being. The energy of this truth resides in the Hrit Padma, or Sacred Heart chakra that can be found two fingers below the heart chakra. When we connect with this energy and allow it to enrich our daily lives, we learn to become more tolerant and loving towards ourselves and everyone around us. It is the external conditions of our lives that often divide us, as our journeys through life are all following different paths to teach us those life lessons we are meant to learn, and for us to discover the different meanings locked away in our unique experiences. Our ‘sameness’ can only be found in the essence of our souls, and if we can learn to focus on this, we will be able to transform the way we externally look at and criticize the views and choices of others. Tolerance, love and acceptance do not mean that we agree with viewpoints that conflict with ours, but simply means that we, instead of harshly judging, allow ourselves to connect through our Sacred Heart chakra with that of the people around us. The more we do this, and the more people around us start doing this, the more we will be able to influence and transform the collective consciousness into and energy that is both loving and supportive. Imagine what a world with more love than hate would look like. . .


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