Bowen Technique

I recently discovered a healing practice that is simply incredible. It shifted and changed so many things for me that I am completely hooked. It is called the Bowen technique and it is a gentle, holistic way of healing the body.

Through the treatment the body is basically reminded of its original state of health through tapping into its energetic systems to facilitate a process of self-healing. In this treatment less is definitely more. The movements are precise, gentle, painless and non-invasive. Only a couple of specific movements are performed by the therapist, after which there is a period of rest to allow the body to integrate and store the energetic adjustments.The body enters a state of deep relaxation during the treatment, as the autonomic nervous system calms down, which opens the body up for healing to take place. The treatment only lasts for about 30-40 minutes, and the next one can only be performed in about a week’s time, but the energetic changes within the body is noticeable within a very short period of time.

In our busy lives we forget that the body, mind and spirit should be integrated and nourished on a regular basis for health and a general sense of connection and well-being. We tend to live our lives in little compartments, and that is why I so love to simply get on my mat, even if it is just for 20 minutes at a time, as it reminds me of the fact that I am not only my body or my mind.

It is important for me to allow energy to flow freely and abundantly through my body, as I can quickly become stuck in the petty and unimportant little issues of life. One of the best ways for me, apart from my newfound passion for the Bowen technique, is to engage in a slow and deliberate vinyasa flow practice. Moving from one posture to the next, while focusing on and allowing my breath to draw me deeply into myself, is a sure way to activate the flow of energy through my body, but also to firmly bring my mind, body and spirit back into alignment.

I can feel when I haven’t been on my mat for a while and have allowed energy to become stuck in my body, as the quality of my thinking starts to deteriorate into an abyss of  negativity. For me, to keep my thoughts upbeat and light, I need to guard against any energetic stagnation by allowing my body the freedom of movement. By further paying attention to my breath through slow and conscious inhalations and exhalations, I improve and grow the quality of the energy that is flowing through me. And as I keep my mind focused on my breath, I can feel how I am energising my mind through the slowing down of thinking, and the discarding of thoughts that are not enhancing the quality of my life.

After a Bowen treatment or a vinyasa flow yoga session I always feel energised and ready to face whatever life has in stall for me…


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