Letting go

Watching a load of my belongings being driven away from me yesterday, my thoughts turned to the concept of “letting go”. Astonished, I realised that there was a sense of relief that settled in my heart, as I walked back into a visibly emptier house. I haven’t used any of the things I have given away in the last four years, so why is it then that I couldn’t let go of it sooner?

Maybe it is not so much a case of “letting go”, than not even realising that I had all these things. I definitely didn’t think of it as clutter, as it was hiding in cupboards and even occupied corners in the house where I thought it fitted in nicely with the surroundings. Yet, once I have started looking with new eyes to my belongings, I realised that so much of what I have, I don’t use anymore. I certainly did use it all at some point in my life, and even loved it, but as life is fluid and in constant flux, many of the things I own simply stopped serving the purpose I originally used it for. So instead of “letting it go” sooner, I wasn’t even aware of the clutter sneaking up on me.

And now that I am looking with new eyes at my physical world, I realise that I need to also turn my gaze inward. How easy is it not to forget that we do exactly the same with our beliefs and attitudes? We often tend to hold on to outdated belief systems, attitudes, and in many cases simply habits of thinking and feeling without even realising that we are doing so. But how and when do we realise that it is time to let go of whatever doesn’t serve us anymore?

I recently read that we are influenced and shaped more by our sorrows than by our joys. I couldn’t agree more. It is how we react to life’s challenges that impact on our thinking and behaviour more than when life is easy and carefree. The sad part of this is that we restrict ourselves by the beliefs that were formed during periods of sadness, grief, regret, struggle and disappointment when life is kind and good to us. Instead of living with gratitude and joy, we often grumble about imagined injustices and wrongs that are being inflicted upon us by a perceived cruel world. The human spirit has an amazing ability to shine, especially when confronted with challenges, but what happens to it when the sun is out and the world is a kind and welcoming place? Does it still shine, or does it start to become greedy and unhappy?

If we can let go of our need to look at the world through eyes that dwell on our sorrows, surely we will be able to appreciate and live more abundantly with our joys? Won’t it be fantastic if we are shaped more by our joys than our sorrows? Perhaps we will then be kinder, more loving and more accepting of others and ourselves? If only we could let go of always judging and comparing ourselves and others, we would see that life is not so heavy. That life is often beautiful, kind and loving. If only…..

What will happen if you choose to be shaped more by your joys than your sorrows? It certainly is a thought I’d like to experiment with…



  1. August 28, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    This is Soooooo true, if only we could learn to open our eyes and live connected to the wonders and joys of life.

  2. Shanel said,

    August 30, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    I love that thought. I want to be defined and shaped by my joys!

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