In Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God – Book 3, there is a discussion on why we need to sleep. In contrast to popular belief that it is our bodies that need rest (which I certainly believe is also true), it is explained that it is the soul that needs “time-out” from the body. Our souls apparently find it really hard to assimilate with the new physical “host”, and while the body is at rest and sleeping, it gets a chance to be free of the physical. I like this explanation, and I can certainly believe it when I think of how, when I feel a tad depressed, that I have a natural inclination to sleep more. So if the soul does not like the “physical” it can escape to where it is more pleasant. It sounds like a neat and tidy explanation to me, until I think of the following: why can’t I sleep when I am worried, or when my body is uncomfortable? What is up with my soul if it doesn’t want to “escape” from that?

I decided to try out my self-inflating hiking mattress two nights ago, and boy-oh-boy did I wish that my soul escaped that experience! Apparently it enjoyed the physical discomfort my body was in, as I had a fitful and restless night. And to think that for 11 nights on my upcoming Rim of Africa hike, that is going to be my bed. I would lie if I say that it doesn’t make me feel a wee bit concerned. A phrase from the above mentioned book comes to mind, that may just be the solution to my sleeping worries: acceptance of something places you in control of it. So if I accept the discomfort, I would have control over my ‘comfort’. Mmmmm, I will have to try it out and report back on my success or failure of it.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to take some time out to hike and allow my soul breathing space after moving my belongings into storage and before I embark on my UAE adventure with my husband. I am planning to also test the following idea from Conversations with God:

The higher you raise the energy of life through your physical being, the more elevated will be your consciousness.

I am off tomorrow morning, but I’ll be back in three weeks time to tell you about my hiking adventures…



  1. Shanel said,

    October 3, 2011 at 11:09 am

    All the best on your hike. Have an amazing time and can’t wait to read your blog on it!!

  2. anantha said,

    March 31, 2014 at 11:42 am

    mmmm…just a random thought on sleep – when we read a paper, our focus is only on the characters (words) and not on the paper in which it is printed; even a ‘false’ shadow needs ‘true’ light; may be sleep helps us in getting the real perspective on our existence, as the state of sleep is ‘real’ and the wake-up one is ‘unreal’ – may be this correlates with what Adi Shankara said as ‘Brahman is real, world is unreal and the universe is Brahman’ …..sorry for being abstract…..:)

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