When Words Fail Us

So many things in life simply transcend our ability to express it in words. When we get choked up by our emotions or grapple to find just the right words to explain our often muddled thoughts, we are left with a feeling of frustration in the wake of the confusing look in the listener’s eyes. Even when we do manage to find the right words to clearly and eloquently express our thoughts or emotions, it simply does not mean that the listener actually understands what we are trying to convey. We listen to others through the haze of our own outlook on life that is often tainted with preconceived ideas, and so once more, words fail us.

It is in a poet’s words that we often find the ability to describe an experience. It is in the music that speaks straight to the soul that we find the expression of emotion that is apt. It is in looking at a painting that we clearly comprehend what the artist is trying to say.

It is in practicing yoga asanas that we stumble upon peace, joy and beauty through the expression of our bodies. It is when we manage to leave the world behind, connect with the divine within us and move in harmony with breath, that a whole new world of experience and expression opens up. No words needed. . .


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