Live the Experience

I recently read the following words by Sara Morgan, which immediately caught my attention:

“The only thing that can ruin your life is death; everything else is just an experience.”

And that is what life is after all: a whole series of experiences that string our days together like beads in a necklace. How we view these experiences, interact with them and ultimately allow them to influence our beliefs and values create our never-ending cycle of existence, until death brings an end to it. In a way life boils down to a simple choice: to either flow with the experiences or fight them. Although I say it is a simple choice, it actually isn’t, because sometimes we will fight and at other times we will surrender. And like everything else in life it is never as simple as black or white. We live for the most part in a chaotic mixture of the two.

Life is both complicated and simple at the same time. There isn’t just one answer to life’s big questions, even though religions and philosophies often claim that they, alone, are the keepers of these truths. Yoga as a philosophy resonates with me on many different levels, but I do not simply subscribe to all that is written in the extensive literature that can be found on the topic. I believe that it is our duty in life to question, study, contemplate and listen to what the great thinkers have said, but instead of blindly following the paths others have treaded, we should sift through this bounty of knowledge and apply those nuggets of truth that resonate deep within our being to live a life of authenticity.

By living a life of authenticity we will encounter criticism and praise, as well as rejection and acceptance. How we deal with it and how we allow the experience to shape us, depends a lot on how brave we are to simply live the experiences we are offered by life. No matter which belief system, religion or philosophy we subscribe to, life will ultimately call us to take responsibility for what we think, do and say. And every day is a new opportunity to hone the way we live our life by daily adding another unique bead to the necklace that is our life.

And that is perhaps the ultimate challenge of life: to live our daily experiences with gratitude and grace.



  1. Riana van Niekerk Taljaard said,

    February 10, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Love the idea of the necklace. I can actually imagine it. I wonder what colour each of my experiences will be. I´m going to strive for a colourful one… Thanks.

  2. December 11, 2015 at 7:12 am

    Well said! 😊

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