What’s the Rush?

Seek, and you will lose; don’t seek, and you can get it immediately. Stop and it is here. Run, it is nowhere.

– Zen Master Hui-Hai –

If one listens to any conversation nowadays, it is often punctuated with exclamations of how much there is to do and how little time to do it in. Everyone is forever rushing around, and even then the “to do” lists just seem to grow longer instead of shorter. Obligations and duties keep us occupied, and long after the workday ended we are still obsessing about it. We live in a culture that is driven by results and impatience. Everyone wants things done yesterday. If we stand still for too long, we may be perceived as lazy or unmotivated. Running around, being busy all the time gives the impression of success. And so we keep on chasing our own tail.

Even in our spiritual lives we jump from one new fad to the next. We devour all the self-help books we can lay our hands on, and in conversations we sound wise and knowledgeable. Yet, our lives remain a mess, and what we are searching for keeps on eluding us.

Yoga says that the more you are impatient, the more time will be needed for your transformation. The more you are in a hurry, the more you will be delayed.

– Osho –

Having a daily asana practice we can learn a lot about patience and life. It is when we engage in a practice that demands steady focus and regular engagement that we start to do the work needed for transformation. By learning how to be in our bodies, allow us to accept every moment for what it is without judgement or expectation. It is when we allow our breath to slow down that our thoughts start to slow down, and before we know it, we have found much more than what we have been searching for.


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