The Sensation of Interconnectedness

When I get caught up with living life in the noise and disjointedness of what we often term the “rat race”, I get irritated with people and feel isolated and disgruntled. When, on the other hand, I spend time in the company of yogis, I feel nourished, uplifted, and connected to every life force on earth and beyond. While I feel expanded and light, the experience never fail to serve as a reminder of my true self and the importance of community.

This is exactly how I felt during the recent Yin Yoga Teacher Training I attended. Corina Benner, in her role as teacher, managed to hold a space and facilitate an experience that was not only valuable for the new knowledge and skills that became available to me, but also enriched my soul. There is something incredibly precious when one shares in the energy of community to remind one that we are all interconnected. We so often forget that yoga is meant to unite, not divide.

In life, we often obsess too much about what makes us different from others: physical body, personality, abilities, thoughts, values, beliefs, habits, and cultural orientation. It is when we focus on our differences that we isolate ourselves in bubbles of discontent. We are after all, in our uniqueness, quite different from anyone else around us. When we accept these differences and view them as essential ingredients to the adventure of life, we are able to focus on all those things we do have in common.

All of us experience nuances of powerful emotions such as pain, love, unhappiness, longing, and joy, to name but a few. It is when we start to acknowledge that we all have our own struggles and elations that we experience the sensation of interconnectedness, which, to me, is mostly a sense of belonging. Finding the most appropriate words to describe it though, often ends in the realisation that it is a futile exercise to limit the experience through the use of language. Maybe, sometimes, we should let go of our need to always ascribe words to an experience, and simply absorb it through our senses without dissection and classification. Words often fail me to do justice to the extent of an emotional experience, yet I am always grateful for those special moments in which I sense my interconnectedness with others, as it makes me a more tolerant, humble and kinder person for a breath or two . . .


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