Care For Your Body

Tai Sheridan is a poet, philosopher and Zen priest. His book Buddha in Blue Jeans – An Extremely Short Zen Guide to Sitting Quietly and Being
Buddha is a true gem. Not only is it short, but each and every word is inspirational in its simplicity. Here is an extract from it I particularly love:

Your body is your life.

Please take good care of it.

Inhabit your body.

Live gently inside of it.

Become best friends with it.

Hurt your body as little as possible.

You will be surprised by the ways

in which you are

not connected to your body.

This is lifelong learning.

Sleep well and enough.

Eat well and not too much.

Move and stretch enough.

Accept and take care

of your medical difficulties.

You know what your body needs

to be healthy and alive.

Please enjoy taking care of your body!

You will learn this sitting quietly.


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