Why I Love Yoga

Every time I step onto my yoga mat I remind myself that life is a precious spiritual adventure. It is here that I teach my body and mind the value of regular practice and discipline. It is this regular commitment that allows me to be more consistent in my thoughts and behaviour in life in general, and the result is a life flooded with peace and joy. Oh, I still lose my cool at times, and unexpected challenges can still throw me off-balance, but as I step onto my mat, I always manage to restore balance and to find the awareness and clarity I need to live a life of gratitude.

Allowing my body to linger in different asanas is a gentle reminder that it is temporary, fleeting and a fragile gift through which I am able to enjoy and appreciate all the sensual pleasures life has to offer. It reminds me that my breath needs to be treasured, as it is life, and it is with every deep, conscious breath that I know I am alive and that it is my choices that determine the quality of my life.

And so I choose to step onto my mat as often as I can.


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