Wise Yogic Words

In his book Hell-Bent, Benjamin Lorr describes Bikram’s oldest student, Emmy (83), as: “spine solid as a crowbar when she walks, white hair perpetually pinned up, single pearls on her ears. In her long, tight dresses . . . she introduces you to the concept of octogenarian sexy.” I like this description of her, as I would love to age gracefully, but it is her practical take on yoga, that reminds me of the fact that my yoga journey is a unique path that I create daily through the choices I make.

“I take only the things that fit into my life as a modern Western woman. The yoga is tremendously powerful. But I believe in bliss in this world. I believe in using it to strengthen the self. I drink wine, which is, after all, only fermented grapes. I will enjoy a coffee. I do not think more is better. I do not believe in holding a headstand for hours.”


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