Writing Yoga

Writing, when it brings awareness into our lives, is most definitely also a way of practising yoga. In her wonderful book The Writing Warrior: Discovering the Courage to Free Your True Voice, Laraine Herring says the following about the stories we write:

“Your stories about yourself, whether about home, family, or missed opportunities, are nestled in your bones. They inform your choices and they create your limitations. Each time you write your story, you move it. It becomes a little less solidified, a little more fluid. Each time you put pen to paper, you revise your story, releasing a little bit, reconstructing a little bit, looking at yourself through the lens of yourself today. Each time you write your story, you make more room in your physical and emotional bodies. When you know what stories you’re carrying, you’re less likely to make present choices based on past experience. You’re less likely to avoid potential experiences based on past fears and disappointments.”


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