Meditation Struggles

When I am determined to sit in quiet meditation or engage in a meditative session of Yin yoga, the bombardment of thoughts that come rushing at me, more often than not, catches me off-guard. When I am busy I am hardly aware of my thoughts, and I often fool myself into believing that I do not have that many distracting or negative thoughts. That is until I place my body in a position of complete stillness and close my eyes. A sudden rush of awareness reveal thoughts that come in a variety of shapes and sizes that vie for my attention. It is then, that I have to remind myself of the following:

“Don’t become a prisoner of your thoughts, and likewise don’t attempt to master them. They come and they go. They’ll always come and go. Let them. When you hang on to a thought, you’re breaking the flow of that thought’s path. You’re keeping it from doing what it is designed to do – arise, pass through, and disappear. Make no mistake; you hold the thought. The thought does not hold you.”

– Laraine Herring –


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