About Worry and Faith

How often do we not worry about things that we have no control over? Robert Butera, in his book, The pure heart of yoga, says the following about worry: “(it) often relates to an attachment of being in control of life events or other people“, and “(it) reflects a lack of faith that the universe will provide and support us“. Ironically it is the lack of faith that feeds worry, and grows it into a monster that devours every little crumb of faith we have. It is a perpetual cycle we have to break free of if we want to throw off the chains that tie us to a life filled with anxiety, disquiet and apprehension.

Easier said than done, you may think, and I will have to agree. It seems much easier to get sucked in by those human conditions that make us feel miserable than to drag ourselves out of the stifling and life-depleting quagmire. Robert Butera continues, by saying that faith “helps us to realize that life may not always go the way we want, but it gives us exactly what we need in order to learn the appropriate lessons“.

Faith, I guess, is a stubborn belief that we will be fine no matter what, and a great way to break the stranglehold of worry is to pay attention to our thoughts; adjusting them accordingly every time we notice our worries and fears.


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